What are the requirements for renting  a vehicle?

The driver has to be at least 22 years old with at least  2 years of driving experience.

How can we ascertain that Atlantis is a legal car rental company?

We are a registered car rental company and our cars are converted for car rental use by the Land Transport Authority. All our cars bear motorcar road tax disc instead of passenger private road tax disc. Motorcar road tax disc is only available to companies.

How to secure a booking? (Payment modes, items to bring, etc)

A security deposit is needed to secure the booking. The security deposit will be returned to you when you return the vehicle.
We accept bank transfers and cash. Payment must first be made to secure a booking.  It is advisable to do a bank transfer to quickly secure the booking.

Bank Acct - 048-905061-6 DBS Current

For bookings of 1-6 days - we require $100 security deposit
For bookings of 7-29 days - we require $200 security deposit
For bookings of 30 days and above - we require $500 dollar security deposit

For more enquries, kindly contact our hotline @ 98222429

Why rent legal vehicles instead as they tend to cost more?

If an accident occurs and the insurance company finds out that the car is being used as a rental car, the insurance company has the right to not pay any liability/claims arising from the accident. You would then possibly be faced with the liability as you are not covered with insurance. It is also illegal to drive in Singapore without insurance.

Are rental cars allowed out of Singapore?

Our rental cars are allowed into Malaysia. There is additional surcharges for Malaysia usage.

Is there a mileage cap?

No, we do not implement a mileage cap.

Are there charges for returning the car late and what do I do?

We allow a reasonable grace period of 15 minutes. Above that, there is a late charge of $10 per hour subject to availability. Extensions of usage is subject to availability.

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